Frustrated small business owners who were working too hard, making too little money, and missing out on their children’s lives, have skyrocketed their business profits and reclaimed 10-15 hours of free time each week by working with Expert Guide to Peak Profits and Work-Life Balance, Heather Finley.

Heather founded Inner Solutions, LLC, with the mission to FILL the world with small business owners who are doing the work they love AND generating more than enough profits to support a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.
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A published author and psychologist, Heather has—since 1994—helped clients transform their businesses and lives from the INSIDE OUT by learning the secrets to harnessing the power between their ears so they can work smarter, not harder.

By combining their new-found mental power with proven business strategies, small business owners become able to more quickly and easily attain their goals, make more money, while ALSO having plenty of free time for family, health, and fun.

Heather’s fascination with the human mind began early. As a 10-year-old, she read books about ESP for fun and before she was 30, earned a doctorate in counseling psychology and jumped right into private practice.

And now, many years later, when she’s not playing with her son and life partner, satisfying her Zumba addiction, singing, or spending time outdoors, she is using her expertise to help clients unleash the power between their ears, take laser-like, focused action, and enjoy the transformation as it unfolds.