• Are you missing out on other important priorities like family, health, and fun?

  • Are you tired of spinning your wheels in your business?

  • Have you thought lately "Life is too short to work this hard!” ?

  • Is it taking too long to reach your business and financial goals?

  • Do you want more free time to enjoy your children?

  • Do you wish you felt more confident about what direction your business is headed?

If you answered “YES” and can raise your hand high to any of these questions, then the Business Breakthrough Bootcamp was designed for YOU

When you enroll in the Bootcamp, here’s what you can look forward to

  • RECLAIM YOUR NIGHTS and Weekends
    So you have plenty of time
    for family, health, and fun.

  • BOOST YOUR BUSINESS PROFITS Without Working Longer Hours
    So you can finally STOP being overworked and underpaid.

    So you don’t get distracted by “bright and shiny objects.”

  • Create a 12-MONTH ROADMAP
    So you know exactly what steps you need to take to reach your annual goals.

  • Discover How To GROW YOUR CONFIDENCE… 
    So you can use the powers of your mind and join the elite ranks of ultra-successful entrepreneurs.

I now direct my life. I now create opportunities.

I used to take what life gave me and did with it what I could. I would wait for opportunities to happen. I would wait for life to happen. I never had a clear idea of what my future would be. After enrolling in your program, I have seen a change in my attitude.

I now direct my life, I now create opportunities. No more waiting.

Your program helped me stay focused. I now have clear goals not only in my professional life, but in my personal life, too. I write down goals I want to accomplish. I am a much more effective, organized individual. You have taught me to view things in a different manner, to change my thinking, my attitude, and for that, I am grateful.

The Complete OPTIMIZE Success Formula Training - Exactly How to Take Your Business to Top-Tier Success in 8 Simple Steps While Reclaiming Your Life, Including All of the Following:

Origin of Desire - The EXACT Method to Achieve Subconscious Alignment and Take the Fast-Track to Success - By Spending Just 5 Minutes a Day

PowerScripting - How This Simple, Yet CRITICAL SKILL That Most Entrepreneurs Know Nothing About Will SKYROCKET Your Confidence Within 30 Days or LESS

Trickle-Down Targets - How This Method Creates Clarity and Laser Focus So You Can Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Begin Cruising Toward Your Goals On A Superhighway

Inverse Procrastination - Exactly How To FINALLY Balance Your Life So You Can Spend More Time With Your Family and Pursue Interests That Have Been on the Back Burner for FAR TOO LONG

Market-Ease - Begin Using a Customized Marketing System You Enjoy That Causes Customers to Consistently Seek Out Your Products and Services

InDirection - Learn How To Avoid The Number One Mistake Most Small Business Owners Make That Robs Them of Time and Money

Zenith APP - Use a Step-By-Step Method to Earn More and Work Less. Reclaim 10 Hours OR MORE Each Week and Enjoy the Profitable Business and Balanced Lifestyle You Have Been Longing For

Escapade - This Little-Known Secret Will Ensure You Don't Burn Out and Will Bring Joy to Your Life IMMEDIATELY

10 Comprehensive OPTIMIZE ActionBooks - Practical, Step-By-Step Assignments That Are Designed to Help You Generate MASSIVE Revenue and Reclaim At Least 10 More Hours Of Free Time A Week..

Live OPTIMIZER Power Coaching Calls - Twice a Month For The Next 10 Weeks, Join Me and Other Ambitious OPTIMIZERS To Get Your Questions Answered By Me Personally. Get Unstuck, Get Encouraged, Get Inspired, and Get Individual Attention That Addresses Your Unique Concerns.

OPTIMIZE Members-Only Website - Experience the Power of Our Online Community with Masterminding, Encouragement, and Success Celebrations; 24/7 Access to Like-Minded Business Owners Who Can Answer Your Questions and Provide Feedback; Recordings of Past OPTIMIZER Calls; Extra Training Sessions; And MUCH More. You Don’t Have to Go It Alone Anymore!

True North Business Assessment - Special Tool to Clarify Your Innate Gifts and Talents and Find Out How Aligned Your Business is Aligned With Your Life Purpose

OPTIMIZE Prosperity Journal - Use this Invaluable Tool 15 Minutes a Day, and Hold Onto Your Hat, Because You Will Be AMAZED By Your Sudden, Almost Magical, Financial Success. This Deceptively Simple Resource Will Break Through Any Blocks You Have About Earning LOTS OF MONEY, Raising Your Prices, and Deserving Wealth. (value $97)

One-On-One “Superhighway Session” - Toward the End of Bootcamp, Get 30 Minutes of Private, Laser Coaching with Me to Create a Roadmap Ensuring You Travel On The Fastest, Most Direct Route To Your Goals For the Upcoming Year.

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I can accomplish more without putting in extra hours.

To anyone who is looking for more direction and focus in their professional life, I would highly recommend working with Heather Finley. What most impressed me about Heather’s approach is that it is positive, forward-thinking, and goals-oriented. Her program is not “therapy”that focuses on the past or on causes for problems. Instead, she helps you focus on finding solutions, which makes it an ideal program for a businessperson.

I came to Heather looking for help in managing my time, achieving a healthier balance between my professional and personal life, and fine-tuning my goals for my business. After just six weeks, I can already see a real difference in my mindset, my focus, and my productivity. I’m taking more control of my workday schedule, so I can accomplish more without putting in extra hours. I’m making more time to spend with my family and do things I enjoy. And I’m able to go after potential clients with the increased confidence that comes from knowing what my goals are and which specific projects and partnerships will help me achieve them.

If, like me, you have a list of priorities that keep getting put off, Heather can help you turn those “somedays” into achievable goals and measurable progress.

You are stressed and overworked (!)

You value freedom and know something’s gotta give NOW, not next year, so you can have more money and a better work-life balance

You are ready to overcome the mental blocks that have been standing in your way…

You don’t have enough time to work ON your business because you’re too busy working IN your business.

You have grand intentions, but lack follow-through.

You’re ready to spend more time with your family while earning plenty of income doing the work you love

You are willing to “play full out” to transform your business and life

You understand the value of “investing in yourself” and “working on your business”

Hands-on Interactive program with weekly assignments, video training modules, step-by-step worksheets, time-saving templates, Power Coaching calls, and tons of bonus resources. Everything is laid out for you to get help as you take your business to the next level one step at a time

Private Online Workspace for easy access to downloadable course materials; for compiling your work; to post your progress and questions; and to receive peer support, feedback & masterminding in our forums. It’s your private workspace and our virtual meeting place

Live Power Coaching Calls (and Replays) to get your specific questions answered two times a month. Replays of all live calls are available in your workspace if you happen to miss a call. You get personalized coaching while also benefitting from the power of our group.

Members-Only Facebook Group for instant feedback, peer support, and networking with like-minded business owners. You don’t have to wait for feedback or support with our active and lively Facebook threads!

My confidence has just EXPLODED.


What if I am unable to show up for the live calls?

Don’t worry…all the calls will be recorded and replays made available to listen at your convenience. If you have questions but can’t attend the call, you can submit them ahead of time to be sure you get your individual needs met. That goes for the video training modules as well. They will be available to you 24/7 and you can listen to them at a time and place most convenient for you.

Can I work at my own pace?

Yes! This Bootcamp is designed with the busy business owner in mind. Having said that, the 10 modules are “unveiled” each week and made available to you over the course of the 10 weeks. Each module builds upon the next, so we recommend that you proceed through each week’s materials as they are presented. Immediately upon registering for the Bootcamp, you will get a welcome email that grants you immediate access to your online workspace. There, you will have prep materials that you can jump right into. They are designed to prime the pump so that you’re raring to go the day Bootcamp officially begins!

How much time will it take to play full out during the Bootcamp?

That depends a bit on you. A common range is 5-15 hours a week. You will spend time learning, implementing, getting individualized help, and being involved in the OPTIMIZE community. Learning typically includes 60-90 minutes a week of video/audio training; 30-60 minutes of reading each week; listening to Power Coaching calls for about 75 minutes twice a month. You can get individualized help via Power Coaching calls and our online forum. Implementation will have the most variability, but you would want to allow at least an hour a day. If you spend 10-20 minutes a day posting in our Private Facebook group or Online Forum, you will be greatly enriched by the power of “groupthink” and community support.

What if I don’t want to share my business strategies or trade secrets in a group format?

You don’t have to share that level of detail about your business if you don’t want to. You will still benefit. In fact, most of the elements of the OPTIMIZE success formula can be implemented and discussed without going into specific details about your business.

What if I want more individual coaching from you?

We can certainly talk about that option. There are many benefits of participating in the Bootcamp because of the power of getting support, accountability, masterminding and support from other like-minded business owners. But I realize that some people will have a strong preference for my more intensive, one-on-one coaching program. Click here to qualify for a Platinum Coaching Consultation.