Key #3 Bridge the GAP

“The vast majority of people are born, grow up, struggle, and go through life in misery and failure, not realizing that it would be just as easy to switch over and get exactly what they want out of life, not recognizing that the 
mind attracts the thing it dwells upon.”
 ~Napoleon Hill

To review, the first key to increased profits AND a joyful and fulfilling work-life balance requires you to look in the mirror at your life and business as they are now. With the second key, you need to shoot for the moon and became clear about the life and business you are seeking. The third key enables you to figure out what underlying factors may be standing in the way of you living your ideal business and personal life.


As a psychologist, I have learned the theory, but more powerfully, have witnessed the amazing capacity our minds have to contribute to success (or stagnation, or in some cases, decline). Most people look for external reasons (aka, excuses) that they have not yet attained their goals. It’s easier to blame something outside of ourselves or out of our control, after all. So while that external blaming occurs and excuses are made, our internal blocks remain the hidden yet more powerful reasons for failure or lack of movement.


To bridge the gap between what you see in the mirror and what is ideal … it is ESSENTIAL that you look at what is happening with all the grey matter in the 6-inches between your ears! This is the step that is often overlooked or avoided. Similar to looking in the mirror, this involves looking within to understand what underlying beliefs are probably contributing to your current situation.


I hear many different reasons for why someone is not living the work-life balance they want to live or not earning the income they want. As I list them here, be sure to check off or highlight which reasons resonate with you:

1) Limiting beliefs about money
•    I can’t afford to work fewer hours
•    I can’t afford to hire someone to free up more time

2) Limiting beliefs about time
•    I have too much to do.
•    I don’t have enough time.

3) Limiting beliefs about energy
•    I don’t have enough energy.
•    The only way to succeed is by working really hard.

4) Self-defeating attitude (can become a self-fulfilling prophecy)
•    They won’t want to work with me
•    I’m not good enough
•    I can never get a break
•    My business ventures always fail
•    I can never seem to make more than $XXX in a year
•    Something bad always follows something good


a.    Of failure
◦    I tried before, and know it won’t work this time either
◦    I’m a realist.  (i.e.,  “This is probably going to fail like all the other ventures I pursued.”)
◦    It’s not worth the effort
b.    Of rejection
◦    I don’t have the support
◦    I can’t say “no”
c.    Of looking like a fool (wounding my ego)
◦    I don’t know how
◦    I’m not an expert or don’t have the training
d.    Of success
◦    I don’t want to be viewed as selfish or greedy
e.    Of conflict
◦    Other people’s needs always come first
f.    Of the unknown (or change)
◦    I don’t deserve a better life


Assuming you are human and not some robot or alien, you will have a variation of at least one mental block mentioned above, and probably several. The goal is not to eliminate all these thoughts…because most of us have our moments when thoughts such as those listed above become prominent. And many of us have these thoughts running in the background, almost like “muzak of our minds.” Just like muzak in a department store, you stop noticing it after a while. To change the tune of your own mental muzak, the KEY is awareness. By just noticing those thoughts then quickly letting them fade into the background, you can then focus on a more proactive and healthy thought which can take its place. You are literally changing the channel, and have the power to do so.


Trust me, you DO have the power to change the channel. When you are aware of what your internal blocks are, you can give them less power by just naming them as nothing more than a thought (rather than a reality). Then, you have the power to change them and they will no longer be the invisible hurdles you have been stumbling over.

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Stay tuned, next time you’ll get more specific directions about how to change the “Muzak of your mind.”

To your success and balance!