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Key #2 Shoot for the Moon!

“The greater danger for most of us 
is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, 
but that it is too low and we reach it.”
~ Michelangelo

The second key to increased profits without sacrificing time for family, health, and fun is to Shoot for the MOON! Last time, you listed what your top priorities were at the beginning of the first segment. Review them again, and this time, envision your ideal work-life balance, especially when it comes to how you are allocating your time resources. Don’t even try to think about HOW you could achieve this ideal balance, just let yourself think big.


A great way to ensure you include your top priorities is to use Stephen Covey’s Big Rocks Planning. If you have never heard this term, I’ll describe it. Imagine you have a large glass jar. Outside of the jar, you have big rocks, medium sized stones, little pebbles, and even some gravel or sand. If I first added the gravel and sand to the jar, then some stones and pebbles, I would soon discover that there is no room for the big rocks! If I were to reverse the process, first adding the big rocks, then the medium sized stones, then the pebbles, and finally the sand, I would be able to fit the big rocks into the jar, and there might not be enough space for all the gravel and sand, but it could fit easily in the tiny spaces around the bigger rocks.

As you have probably figured out: this is a powerful visual for showing the results of how we tend to prioritize activities and spend one of our most valuable (and non-renewable) resources: time.


Just like the boundaries of the jar, our time is finite, with edges that do not give. After the jar is filled, there is no more room. After we have filled a good portion of the day with unimportant tasks or time thieves (represented by the gravel and sand), there is no room left for the important priorities, such as family time, exercise, or whatever else you place a top priority. Your highest priorities are your big rocks. If you don’t put them in the jar (which means add them into your schedule and keep that time sacred), you will run out of space (and time!).


So now, download this template to create your ideal week. And I do mean ideal. If you’re working 50 or 60 hours a week, plus commute time, and only want to work 20 or 30 hours total, then let that be your ideal week. Remember to shoot for the moon! Don’t worry about the logistics. As you create your ideal week, add your big rock priorities first. This is what you are aiming for. Again, don’t worry about HOW at this stage. You simply need to get clear about what you actually want, what are your top priorities, and to what extent you want them to be part of your day to day life.


You can see an example of what an ideal week might look like  and you can also download a blank template for your own big rocks planning. After you complete your own template, post it near your work space or bathroom mirror so you will have that daily reminder of what is important to you and the work-life balance you are aiming for.


In addition to visualizing how you would ideally spend your time. Also visualize the kind of income you want your business to create. It might be a specific monthly or annual amount, but don’t stop there! Think about what that amount of money will do for you. It might be the amount you would need to replace your J-O-B income (if you are trying to start your own business while still being employed). It might be the amount you would need to be able to take the time for and be able to afford your ideal vacations on a regular basis. It might be enough to enable you to spend more time with your children or get back into the creative pursuits you lost sight of as your business life started to overtake your personal life.


Don’t be shy! You’re not being greedy or selfish. Think about what more money would mean to you. It’s never about the money, but about what the money can bring. Continue to visualize on a daily basis how more money would improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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Stay tuned! Next time, we’ll help you identify and jump over hurdles that you will probably face.

To your success and balance!