Key #5 Think Outside The Box

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved 
at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.
- Albert Einstein

Now that the fourth key to increased profits and increased fun has primed your mind for success using PowerScripts, you will be much more able to brainstorm and think outside of the box about strategic steps you can take to begin your journey to the moon. It would be most helpful to ask 2 or 3 of your most creative, optimistic friends or colleagues to brainstorm with you.

The fifth key to more profits and a healthier work-life balance is being able to Think Outside of The Box in at least a couple ways. You are going to get to the root of the mental pollution that has been blocking you and really focus on steps you can take to clean it up.


Write each belief that you think may have been preventing you from reaching peak profits and/or work-life balance in the center of one sheet of paper. If you had ten beliefs that have been blocking you, then you will need ten sheets of paper.

The purpose of Thinking Outside the Box with this type of brainstorm is to come up with strategies, both thought-based and action-based, that will help you
1) overcome that specific piece of mental pollution and associated behaviors
2) complement your PowerScripts; and
3) propel you to action that will not only reinforce your PowerScripts but also help to create your new reality.


As you Think Outside The Box, let each different thought stem outward from that center belief. If another idea surfaces, then create another stem from that center belief. If you have additional details to add to that thought, you can add stems off of that thought (see the image below for an example). As you brainstorm, your paper will start to look like a complicated compound from your high school chemistry class! This mind mapping method can be quite useful as it is non-linear and allows the more creative, right side of your brain to take over. Plus, you can organize thoughts and actions based on clusters that emerge on the page.

A great online resource for mind mapping on your computer is: Mindmeister.
You don’t need a computer though… and sometimes an old fashioned piece of paper with different colors can be quite fun!


Click here for an example of what Thinking Outside The Box might look like for the following mental pollution: 
“People won’t want to pay for my services.”

Notice how you can look at the mental pollution from several perspectives with several ways to clean it up and move forward into a reality that reflects your PowerScript.

* Be sure that each page has a PowerScript to replace the mental pollution. 
* Then identify why you are thinking this way and/or how you can provide evidence for your PowerScript. 
* Be sure to include Action ideas for each element of your brainstorm.
Now it’s your turn. Start Thinking Outside of the Box to clean up your mental pollution and generate action steps that support your new PowerScript.

Click here if you want more training on how PowerScripting and Thinking Outside the Box can help you achieve your business and life goals.

Stay tuned, in the final step, you’ll discover how to put it all together and how to avoid common obstacles to taking action!

To your success and balance!